Virgin Smoker Attempting on Sunday

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Jan 6, 2007
San Clemente, California
I have been the neighborhood grilling guy making Tri-tip and rotisserie Chicken for the entire block for years. I asked for a new BBQ for X-Mas and was blown away when my wife got me a 48" unit with 4 25,000 BTU units, an infrared rotisserie and oh my gosh...a built in smoker.

To keep it simple I thought I would try some pork baby back ribs this Sunday. I assume I turn on one or two burners very low to keep the temp to 220 and I have purchased some Jack Daniels oak chips for the smoker. I'll start early so I can chill and enjoy the experience. Any tips would be appreciated.

I love grilling and the rotisserie Turkey I did on Christmas turned out awesome. With some practice, I want to smoke the Turkey for next Christmas. Thanks iun advance for any help

Welcome straycat and congrats on the new grill. Have you signed up for the e-course yet there is a lot of info to get you up and running. I myself am a wood smoker but theres a lot of others on here that have the same set up as you. Just set back and enjoy they will be along shortly and can answer all your questions.
Straycat, welcome to the forum. Read up on the pork ribs - there's tons of great info to help you get em out in a professional way. Congrats on the new Monster Machine.

If you have any specific questions feel free to jump in and ask. We'd love to see the new unit, and some pics of the ribs too.

Good Luck and Keep Smokin
I checked out the recipes -- a lot of great info. Since I have apple cider left over from my Christmas Turkey brine, I am going to try the 3-2-1 recipe with a splash of apple cider during the "2" phase. It appears to be a good "starter recipe".

The grill I got was from a company I never heard of before called DCS. The grill and rotisserie have worked great. We'll see how the smoker works tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice.
Straycat, I don't know how you like your ribs, but on the baby backs you might consider cutting back a bit on the 3-2-1 to more like a 2-1.5-.5 to 1 they don't cook the same as the spare ribs. Sounds like you have your plan, Good Luck

Keep Smokin
Welcome to SMF Straycat!!! Be careful with the foil time on the baby backs so they don't get to mushy. I like a little bite to ribs and babies are usually pretty tender.
I just looked up your grill on the DCS website -- what a machine!

During the second stage, I'd check inside the foil packet after about 30 minutes and decide then if it needs more time in there.

I just made some babybacks last weekend using a modified 3-2-1 method. I had them in foil for about 45 minutes and they probably should have come out sooner.

Let us know how they turn out.
When I open the foil pocket to look at the ribs, what am I looking for? I am assuming the meat should still be tight on the bone and still "sinewy".

I am going to try to keep it below 220. I will check it closely. Any additional advice you fellas have I will follow.

Tomorrow should be fun. I already read the first two parts of my 5 part e-course. It was helpful. I will gladly trade my California Tri-tip recipe if anyone wants it for your help on this and for help on a Brisket I hope to try in the next few weeks.

I love this site, I appreciate the help as I am looking forward to learning more about the thin blue smoke.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
It is hard to explain Stray, but I think tight on the bone explanation you give means your on the right track of thinking. Kind of twist/turn the bones a little. Then it depends all on how YOU like YOUR ribs. Mushy and falling off the bones or do you want some bite and chew left in them. It just takes a few racks to see what you do and don't like then figure out how to replicate that.
I forgot to add, start you up a babyback thread in the Pork section to show us pics as you go along and keep us outta trouble for being off-topic in Roll Call. Also, maybe while you're cooking tomorrow some of the guys might be in chat to help you with some instant pointers.

I will move over to the Pork forum. My wife gets home tomorrow and I'll try to do some pictures. I have lots to learn and I will do my best to record this info.

I lived in Austin for 5 years and loved smoked meat. Its going to be a blast to try it for myself. My wife readily admits to alterior motives in buying me the grill so I will cook most nights. Not a problem as it is a lot of fun.

With some help I can hopefully get good enough to make y'all a meal when you travel to the left coast.

Thanks again for the help.

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