Vertical Reverse Flow Smoker Build with Dual Fire Boxes and Triple Smoke Boxes

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by hogeye, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. hogeye

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    Been smoking for about 20 years. Built my first offset smoker back when I first started smoking and have smoked a lot of meat on it. I have dreamed of building a monster vertical reverse flow smoker for years and I have been designing what I want in my head for a long time. Now my buddy and I are opening up a restaurant and my smoker build dream is coming true.

    It has two fire boxes feeding to feed each smoke chamber so I can use two different kinds of woods at one time.  In a couple weeks it will get a box on top of the fire boxes with two shelves for whole hogs. Each smoke box will have sliding shelves top to bottom. The bottom of the boxes are built in 4" deep water pans with drains.

    It was finished last night and sat off the trailer at around 10:00 this morning. We still have to level it up and build the building around it. But we fired it up soon as it was on the ground to make sure it worked correctly. It has been holding around 225-230 degrees all day.

    We are going to be insulating it Saturday and then build the building. I can not wait to get some meat in it.


  2. curtisimo81

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    Nice smoker!
  3. Wholy sheet..
    That's huge.
  4. ahumadora

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    Damm that's big!

    Very interesting, can you show some interior pics of the reverse flow system?

    That's a whole lot of steel plate in there.
  5. floridasteve

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    Very nice! Where are you located? Make sure to keep us posted about your restaurant so we can live out our dreams through y'all!
  6. wango

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    That is a freaking monster! Nice job, good luck with the restaurant
  7. hogeye

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    I will post more pics soon as I get some free time. We been working on insulating it tonight. We have to enclose it in a building tomorrow to meet health department code.
    We are located in Marshfield Missouri. And I will be posting a lot more on the smoker and what we have going at the restaurant once we get open.
  8. hogeye

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  9. ahumadora

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    1./ How did you get 1900+ Facebook likes and you aren't open yet? ;)

    2./ I would like to know how you plan to use the top racks without dropping hot brisket on yourself ? That's over 2 meters tall.   Or do you install a rotisserie system?

    3./ Are you planning on putting a baffle in between the upper and lower cook chambers to stop drippings? 
  10. hogeye

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    1 - My partner and myself both own other businesses and know a lot of people that know we are doing this and have liked our page and are anxiously waiting for us to get open. And we have shared the page with all our Friends and a bunch of them have shared the page and the likes are just growing fast.

    2 - Step ladder.

    3 - Drip pans if we feel there is a need. But I guess my question would be, why would we need to stop the drippings?
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  11. ahumadora

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    Ah, ok  sounds good.

    I have found when I have more than 5 racks stacked there is too many drippings, so your nice perfect rack of ribs will get showered and end up with a big gravy mess on them.

    One way to prevent this is say every 4th rack have a louvered pan under it so the drippings run to the side of the smoker but the smoke/heat can still pass through.

    Send pics, I am wanting to see more of this huge machine

  12. HogEye,

    First off that's a monster smoker!  Second, I want to wish you best of luck on your restaurant.

    Keep us posted!

  13. So how's this monster going??
    Any reports from the buyers ??

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