vertical insulated reverse flow smoker

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Smoke Blower
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Jan 26, 2017
Near Hamburg Germany

this is my new Smoker.

I copied the vertikal smoker from the user gary s. Thanks a lot for the idea :)

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Wow! What a nice looking build! Love the corner radius on the side shelves. It's the small details like this (along with others) that really make this build stand out
Very very clean build.

I can see you have invested a mountain of time into this..

Only one thing I could comment on is the holes leading to the exhaust.  I would try and open it as much as posible to improve airflow through the smokers.

Other wise thanks for sharing the pics.
Nice! How was it maintaining temps? What temps where u cooking the ribs at?
Very nice build, very nice sausage and ribs 
Ya no kidding. Fab work can take lots of time depending on how fancy u want it and the tools u have.
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