Venison sticks

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Jul 18, 2023
For Christmas this past year my wife got me 7-8 different sausage seasonings from PS Seasonings. Today I’m making the habanero maple snack sticks. I’ve got everything ground up, mixed and ready to stuff. I’ve got the sheep casings soaking as well. This will be my first attempt to smoke snack sticks in my new smoker. Check out Traulsen Build for my smoker. Will post more pictures along the way.
I didn’t take any pictures. But they’re in the smoker. They hung for 1 hour at 97 degrees. Which is ambient around here. I brought it up to 125. And then 150 and now I just brought it up to 180 and the waiting game is on. I fried up a test patty with the leftovers. I have to say Maple Habanero is amazing. It has wonderful habanero flavor that sticks with you for a while and it has a nice maple flavor as well. If you like habaneros I recommend it. When I open the doors to add more wood I’ll snap a picture. So far I figured out it takes 1 gallon bucket of charcoal, 1/2 added to start then 1/4 and 1/4 a few hours apart. It’ll get me about a 10 hour smoke with it.
Looking pretty darn good! Be careful with the temp of 180... would be really easy to have fat out.

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Looking pretty darn good! Be careful with the temp of 180... would be really easy to have fat out.

It didn’t stay there for long. This is my third smoke on the smoker. I can nail the 145-160 temps but maintaining lower or higher is a little more work. But it’ll be learned. It’s at around 145-150 now just drying a little more so I can call them a snack stick. I’m getting ready to call it a night so I’m debating on taking them out and throwing them in the fridge or just let them hang all night with all vents open. I may do half and half just to see which is better
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I'd have the same obsession if I had that tub of sticks!

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