venison snack sticks

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  1. The last couple batches of sticks seemed dry and was not happy with the texture. Ordered a 10 lb kit from butcher packer and added a cup of soy protien to the mix, along with some course ground black pepper and mustard seed. Put in smoker at 130 degrees for 2 hrs and stated bumping up the temp till it hit 160. Put 4 loads of smoke thru the mes 40 till the i.t. hit 132....then dropped them in a 160 bath for 1/2 hr follow by an ice bath till the temp dropped to 110. Hung 3 hours to bloom then in the fridge over nite. Will vac seal today. they were moist, tasty, and had a good "snap"
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  2. tried to add some pics but the photo bucket links would not work

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