Venison Mini-Bear-Loaves

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  1. The Bearcarver' has inspired me and I am heading to the lake this weekend and meeting my duck hunting buddies for the white bass run. The plan was to mix the venison with some ground pork shoulder but I have spent the last two days making a paver patio for my Mother-in-Law and forgot to get a shoulder out of the freezer. So I picked up a pound of Bob Evans Zesty Hot breakfast sausage.

    This was my MIL's Mother's Day gift from my wife and I. Two days of hard labor

    2 1/2 lbs of venison and the lb of of breakfast sausage mixed up and holes punched for the seasonings to get into.

    Wet and dry mix.

    Again I am following Bearcarver's recipe
    I reduced the wet mix and tenderquick by 50% since I only have 3 1/2 lbs of meat, but used the full amount of the dry spices.

    Dry and wet mix into meat and all mixed up

    I used loaf pans rather than the 8x8 pans Bear used because that is what I had in the house. Loaf pans loaded and into the fridge.

    I will remove from foil pans and place on smoker racks first thing in the morning. Then back to the fridge until tomorrow evening when I will have time to smoke them. More to come ...
  2. seenred

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    Hey Toby that patio is great!  That's gotta earn you some major points with the wife and the MIL!

    Lookin' good so far on the Bear-Loaves!  Can't wait to see how it turns out...[​IMG]

  3. Out of the pans and onto racks to start drying in the fridge.

    I have several appointments today, but I hope to have these in some TBS by 5:00pm.
  4. Thanks Red! She said it was the best Mother's Day gift ever.
  5. bearcarver

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    Great start, Toby!!!

    You must like it spicier than I do (mine is a little mild), but I'm betting the hunting buddies will love it that way!!!

    Nice Job on the patio too!!!

  6. standing by for more view!! lookin good soo far...[​IMG]
  7. steve-o90

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    Looks great can't wait to see the end result!!!
  8. Thanks Bear. I like bold favors and heat, the amounts of the dry mix in your recipe didn't seem to be enough to overpower the venison so I thought I would take a chance and leave it all in. The guys are used to me experimenting on them and they haven't complained yet. I really like your spice mixture, it smelled awesome while I was mixing the loaves.
  9. Loaves went into the preheated 140° MES at 4:00pm, I lit the AMNPS with 1 1/2 rows of PMC pellets (should give me around 5 hours of smoke)
  10. bearcarver

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    That's what I thought-----Everything I make, my Son says,"Needs more heat!"

    I'm sure you & your buddies will like the more spicy mix.

    The only one I know who thinks my stuff is too spicy is Mrs Bear!!!

  11. Two hours in. Turned the MES up to 150°, IT of both loaves is 97°. They are starting to take on some nice color, I have a feeling the guys are gonna like this!
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  12. Four hours in and now we are seeing that mahogany color. IT are 127° and 129° raised the temp of the MES to 160°
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  13. 6 hours in, turned the MES up to 170°, IT is 151°
  14. Reached temp at the 7 1/2 hour mark. Just out of the smoker

    Into an ice bath for 10 minutes

    Then back into the Mancave fridge

    If it tastes half as good as it smells I might have found myself a new snack stick recipe!
    Will slice in the morning, be back with final pics then...
  15. holy mother of all that is meat!! hahaa... looks outstanding...i need a snack sampler! [​IMG]
  16. BEAR, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!! These loaves have an awesome flavor, this is definitely what I will be stuffing into 19mm collagen casings for hunting season this fall. I am glad I left the extra dry mix spices in, it is the perfect combination of flavor and heat. Kinda like a spicy Slim Jim only waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better! Ok enough rambling, on with the q-view.

    I also sliced up some smoked extra sharp cheddar and smoked swiss to take along

    And finally ... BEARVIEW!!!!

    Thanks again Bear, for your wonderful recipe. I am sure this will be a hit with the guys. Thanks for looking everyone! Time to head to the lake, WOOOHOOO!!!!
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    Very nice!

  18. bearcarver

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    That's Great, Toby!!!!

    Next time I do them, I will add more heat "again" too.

    Actually I started out with pretty much the same ingredients as Morton's uses in their Pepperoni recipe, when I made my "Unstuffed Beef Sticks".

    Then when I made my "Bear Logs" I upped the heat.

    Then when I made my "Bear Loaves" and "Mini Bear Loaves", I upped the heat again.

    Still needs more heat next time.

    I'm real glad you like them!!!!

  19. The guys loved the new recipe ...

    ... and we had a good morning in the river
  20. woodcutter

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    My grandfather used to smoke white bass. I don't have his brine recipe but I remember they were good.

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