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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by supercajun, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. supercajun

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    looking to make some bacon from venison belly meat instead of ground bacon. anyone ever try this? tried to search with no results. 
  2. bearcarver

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    If you cure & Smoke Venison, it will never taste like Bacon. 

    It will be closer to cured & smoked Beef, like Dried Beef is similar to Venison Dried Beef.

    Like these two:
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  3. c farmer

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    For one thing you cant get a slab of meat off of venison like a pig.  ( at least here)

    Venison is very lean.  No fat like in pig bacon.
  4. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yup---That too, if you're serious about getting the meat from the Belly:

    Not much more than skin on a Deer's belly, and Venison fat is terrible, unless you're making candles.

  5. sb59

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    Second that! I eat a lot of deer and I've given up on trying to find ways to make ribs, belly or flank meat palatable for human consumption. Even when mixing into ground meat that venison suet just fouls the rest. I now just grind it separately and cook for the dogs. Then I have to listen to them lick their chops for hours while I try to watch TV. One tip I've tried recently if you want to do something diff. with neck meat instead of grinding is to remove spinal cord trim and section the bones and use like oxtails in soups and stews. Really great for both.
  6. Amen to that! I do all my own butchering. ALL the fat and bones are tossed. I age the whole animal for at least a week. Trim the dry, and debone and remove all the fat. Most I keep for fresh meat, but will now be trying sausage. Last year, myself and my brother in law, processed 7 deer, and 2 elk. Drawn for elk again this year, am wondering if anyone has had luck with elk ribs?
  7. My cousin's father-in-law apparently does fantastic elk ribs, or so he says.  I've never had them so I can't say for myself.  I just get as much meat of the ribs as I can for grind and give the bones to the dogs. 

    I will say the dogs can't get enough of them!
  8. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Here's some Awesome Elk Ribs from a Great Smoker:

  9. I second the lack of value in the belly meat, unless you happen to have dogs. Grind that stuff up and cook up about a pound per week and add it into the dog food. every day. It's good for the dogs. I'm planning to try some ribs though. If I can figure out how to melt that fat off, I might be able to make a decent meal out of it.
  10. alaskandude

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    This is an old post but one I'd like to update:

    Ya'll got it all wrong. Venison belly makes fine eating. 2 ways. One to make bacon, dead simple and no grinding. Take your flanks and mix 70% salt 30% sugar, enough to coat your meat well and refrigerate over night or for 2 days when ever you have time to get back to it. Rinse in the morning. Smoke for a few hrs enough to get some flavor on it and it's ready to slice and fry. It'll blow you away.

    The 2nd way is to cut cross hatches in the flank. Some of my friends swear by this as the best cut of the deer. Make a marinade of soy/teriyaki/ginger/what ever and let it sit for 15 mins and pan fry hard and fast. Super good.

    I have another for deer ribs that I've showed other friends all over on simple easy tender ribs. Plus they are amazing. If anyone is interested.
  11. broz

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    'I have another for deer ribs that I've showed other friends all over on simple easy tender ribs. Plus they are amazing. If anyone is interested'. I am allways looking for something to do with the ribs, Thank you

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