using heating pellets for testing ?

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  1. I have a masterbuilt gas smokehouse, model 20051311.  Bought an amps, and plan on doing a bunch of testing with it first, I am sure I will have to add an intake vent. Is it okay to use pellets from my house pellet stove for test runs or will they ruin my seasoned smoker ?

    Thanks for any advise
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    You aint gonna hurt anything as long as you're not cooking with them.  No reason to waste expensive food grade pellets for testing. 
  3. I can't say that it would hurt your seasoned smoker. But I would not try it. Call Tadd and ask him. I'm sure that question has been as of him before.

    Happy smoken.

  4. I don't think I would use heating pellets. What kind of testing are you planning?   I assume you are looking to find out about it staying lit and producing good smoke while adjusting air flow.   I would want to run any tests with the pellets I planned on cooking with, otherwise you are changing more than one variable and you don't know if the results will apply to your actual cooking conditions.  Plus the AMPS doesn't really burn through that many pellets, you should be able to spend a lot of time checking things out without "wasting"  very many.

    just my 2 cents...
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