Umai Dry Bag Soppressata and Chorizo

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  1. This is my first time using these bags for fermented and dried meats so I'll document it up to the finish line. Yesterday I ground about 9 lbs of pork shoulder through the largest plate in my grinder and mixed 4.4 lbs with the Soppressata spices and 4.8 are waiting for the Chorizo spices (I'll explain why).

    So I'll admit I didn't research the use of the newest addition of zip ties to this system to well. I cut 6 lengths of casing the same size and sealed off one end to create the expected length of the casings. I had no idea what each length would actually hold, so I just made them even. Turns out I only got to use 4 of the 6 because of some issues. So I'll just say for anyone reading that the new system that doesn't use the VacMouse and only uses zip ties is much different. 

    So after I stuffed 4 logs worth, all you apparently all you have to do is twist it really tight and use the tie wrap to close the opposite end. This is the part where I goofed and I thought you'd need to vacuum, seal, and then tie wrap (wrong!). This is where I lost 2 of the pre-cut casings because had to put some meat back into the stuffer. 

    With that said, the process took MUCH longer and was MUCH more frustrating than I'd originally hoped. It took far to long so I don't think I could have mentally taken another round. However, now that I know how to do it, it should be very very simple. 

    I only ended up spicing and stuffing the Soppressata and the meat for the Chorizo is sitting in the fridge already ground still. It'll get spiced and stuffed and hung tonight though.

    Here's a shot of the mixed meat with the culture and all spices. Also one of the pictures is last night and 1 is of this morning. The meat is already turning a nice red color, so things are looking as they should it would seem. They'll sit here for 48 hours and then off to the fridge for drying. I'm very hopeful at this point.

    BTW, I used the recipes straight off of the Dry Bag Steak website. If these go well, I'll definitely be doing other stuff.

    Also, I did some thinking on this and this kit cost me $20.50 (50mm size) and it should stuff about 25 lbs. Considering 35% weight loss of all meat stuffed, you could expect an approximate weight of the finished total product to be about 13 lbs of salami. That's a little over $1.50 a lb for a dry aged product that can be done in your fridge. I know it seems like it's on the pricier side when thinking of casings, but considering you pay $6-$10 for 6 oz of salami decent salami at the store, this sounds like a win to be. Time will tell though.

    Also, they are hanging in my bathroom, so you really DON'T need a chamber.

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    I am the first one to say curing chamber is not a must, but bathroom? The sopressata might work as deodorizer but ...
  3. Haha it's the most unused room in my house. It's the guest bath upstairs and doesn't ever get used for anything at the moment so. It's definitely being overtaken by the smell of meat though [​IMG]
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    Looks interesting.[​IMG]
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    I'll be following this one. Ran across the Umai system while browsing. How long is the planned dry time?

  6. I think I'm looking at 3-4 weeks because these are the 50mm size and not the 32 mm size which are usually done in 2 week or so. I'll be keeping a sheet with the weight's and percentage losses while doing it.
  7. 36 hour update:

    The color is looking very nice as the curing and fermenting is going on. It's becoming a nice darker red color. There is some noticeable shrinking already taking place. You may be able to see some of the casings beginning to shrink.

    Thanks to a 1.5 hr dentist appt after work yesterday, I wasn't able to get the Chorizo stuffed. I was able to mix up the seasonings and cure with it though, so I'm definitely stuffing tonight to get them fermented and on their way to drying.

    Here are some updated shots.

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    Hell, that looks simple enough even I could do it. And, yes, you can see the shrinkage already after only 36 hours....magical. Not a bad setup for hanging.....I'd much rather see those hanging off the rod than pantyhose any day...just sayin'.....Willie
  9. You're absolutely right Chef. It's been a very easy process up to now. I'm hopeful that the finished product will be good. It's cool to see the color change and all as it's happening pretty much. 

    I know when I was researching these bags, I didn't find all that much info on them with pictures and a play by play. I'm hoping this thread will add to the limited search options that are out there for some pics and experience.
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    Will be very interested in the final pics/results. Not sure if you saw this in doing your homework but I always remembered this post from a few years ago & was interested in trying it although, there are only 2 of us here, and now beef is outta sight in prices.
  11. Chef, I hadn't seen that thread, but it's VERY nice indeed. The larger sized bags are a bit more expensive that the usual casing style ones. Since is so expensive, I don't see myself doing it, although I'd love to be invited to that party.

    I just had a thought to cold smoke 2 of the 4 chubs with some pecan before putting them in the refer. Since I've got 4, I might as well experiment...right?
  12. The night got alittle busy but I was atleast able to get the Chorizo stuffed. A shot of that. It was so much easier this around. Only took a few minutes to get everything tie wrapped and stuffed. It took longer tagging them and cleaning up. Also here's a shot of the Soppressata after the 48 hour ferment and cure. It beautiful and a bright red color now.

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  14. Thanks C. I'm really excited for this stuff!
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    wow, indeed.....that looks b-utiful
  16. The Chorizo is done the fermenting 48 hours and is now going to the fridge to dry.

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    I hope yours tastes better than mine did. I  followed a venison salami recipe from their site and it looked great after drying BUT tasted like a large blob of fat ! [​IMG]
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    CM, morning.... Try smoking sausages for 24 hours at 140-150.... The fat shouldn't render at those temps....
  19. crazymoon

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    Dave , It just doesn't have any flavor, I was taking it to work and dipping it in garlic powder/red pepper flakes and the guys would eat it then ![​IMG]  I have some left and was thinking about smoking it just to add something to it.  Thanks .
  20. CM, when this stuff was fermenting the aroma it was giving off definitely indicates its got some flavor....I hope. We'll see.

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