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Nov 19, 2020
I’m having a tough time deciding which route to take here but do have wants/needs that might help narrow things. Having posted several times similar questions, I’ll apologize in advance.
Budget is $2K or less preferably, space for this is 40” wide and outside. I’ve narrowed down to electric or pellet and after lots of consideration, it seems I’m best served by electric or a front-loading pellet so as to maximize grilling surface.
I want the ability to use pellets or wood chunks and if I had to default to only one, that narrows things quickly; I’d go with chunks.

Offset is out even though I know it’s ‘better’.

So the major questions are: are there any that will accommodate chunks AND pellets? If so, please advise. If not, what front-loading pellet grills are out there besides Smokin Brothers and Recteq? There’s a LOT of electric cabinet options so if it comes to that, I’ll pop back later for recommendations but am leaning Cookshack.
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But personally, after switching from charcoal to pellets. I would only have a pellet grill, its just so easy and the food is so good - every time.
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But personally, after switching from charcoal to pellets. I would only have a pellet grill, its just so easy and the food is so good - every time.
I agree . My Pellet is a different brand , but the food is so good it just doesn't make sense not to use it . Combine that with ease of use and it's a no brainer . I took the covers off my kettles just to get them some fresh air .
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So I guess y’all are saying to ignore the ‘need’ for wood chunks which is totally fine and helps narrow things down. Now I’ll concentrate on finding front-loaders.
Have both RT pellet and MES 40 electric with PID. Personally I use the electric more often for the simple fact that I make more sausage, jerky, fish, etc. which need the lower temps than what the pellet offers. Pellets are so easy to use though, bring them to temp desired, toss your goods on and walk away.
If you go the electric route you may want to take a look at the Smokin-It.They use chunks by default to produce smoke.The Smokin Tex smokers are very similar.

You could keep an eye out for a used MES and modify with the mailbox mod,an Amazen tray/tube and a PID controller and you'll have one hell of an electric smoker that will come in well under your budget.
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Saw you mention smokin brothers. I have a lot of experience with those and they are great smokers. I was in a competition hosted by them in cape Girardeau in 2019.

They gave us all a smoker to use. Buddy on left owns 2 of them
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Thanks y’all. I didn’t mention I have a MES 30 now and while the temp swings a bit now and then, I manage to cook on it fairly well; Spatchcock Turkey on Thanksgiving was awesome! Only problem I have with it is being too small; I want to cook a couple full briskets and full racks of ribs.
Besides, it never hurts to have a couple I suppose!
You might want to check out the new Camp Chef. It has a wood chunk tray that you can reload without opening the smoker. I have a RT-1250, and am new to pellet grills, but so far I think it is great. I think the brand of pellet is a game changer, as far as flavor goes. If you do buy a RT, DON’T buy the 200# pellet pkg., they suck. Buy Lumberjack!
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