Two Briskets at Once in a WSM?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kyle, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I'm throwing a barbeque for Tax Turnaround Day this Sunday (we Minnesotans have one of the latest turnaround dates in the nation). I had planned on just doing one 10-12# brisket in my WSM, but a lot of the people I invited have spread the word and I kept saying yes when additional people asked if they could come (don't worry, it's BYOB). I'm thinking I'm going to need to cook a second brisket as a result (so two 10-12# packer cuts).

    I'm looking to cook my brisket the more traditional, low and slow way (as opposed to the SmokieOkie charred method), going for a nice bark. I plan on using lump charcol and some mesquite chips in foil or a coffe can. How should I change my approach as a result of cooking the second brisket at the same time? Would it help to rotate the two briskets between the upper and lower rack in my WSM? Do I need more fuel (to start, the whole time, etc)? Should I increase the expected cooking time? Any other tips? Things I should be aware of or careful about?

    I have done a search of the forums, and maybe I missed an earlier post that could answer my questions, but all of the results I got from the search were about the second brisket people have smoked as opposed to two simultaneously. I've been learning a ton reading all the posts here, and any advice given is greatly appreciated. I'll post a Q-View come Monday.
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    I would rotate between the two racks, since one cooks hotter than the other. Your cook time shouldn't be significantly longer, but expect to go through more fuel since you have that extra piece of cold mass in there it will take more fuel to maintain the temps. The only extra time that might be added is from having to take the lid off to rotate the meat.

    For the most part, doing two isn't any harder or different than doing one other than needing to move the racks.
  3. That makes sense. Thanks!
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    Don't forget the q-view..........Keep us posted..............Have a good smoke............
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    You might also think about having a thermometer in EACH brisket as they will likely hit your target temps at different times and may very well have differing may stay at it's plateau longer than the happens...[​IMG]

    Also remember to give yourself PLENTY of time....they will stay hot for a long time if wrapped in foil and towels in a insulated cooler.

    Hope this helps,

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