turning a conventional oven in to a smoker?

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by smokindragon, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. smokindragon

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    ive been trying to brain storm over this for awhile now just thought id ask to see if any one has done this or has any suggestions heres my thoughts

    Using an old dead conventional oven with a "pan drawer on the bottom"

    I would remove all plastic including Knobs wires etc

    remove all burners and heating elements from top and inside oven

    I then would drill out the stoves vent usually located under a back burner

    Then open a 5 or 6 inch diameter hole in bottom of oven from inside

    then install a small piece of round ducting in to that hole apx 6" long

    I think i may need to re-enforce the drawer to

    my theory is i would be able to use the drawer as hot box/smoke box

    on the inside bottom of the oven i could set my water pan and use the ovens original racks to hold my meat

    please let me know any thoughts on this likes dislikes  tweaks  or even something i might have over looked

  2. sprky

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    Interesting idea here. I dont see why it wouldn't work. 


    The venting may be your only problem. Even drilling it out I am not sure you would be able to get enough venting. 
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  3. smokindragon

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    maybe drill out both back burners and put some stacks on em might look a lil like a big rig then [​IMG]
  4.   I have one that I planned to use as a smoker before I was given an MES40 as a gift. I don't see why it would need more venting. The vent on this one is as large as my MES. The inlet vent is simply the bottom of the door has no gasket. The oven is made to maintain very high temps so why gut it out. Use it as is and add a splash guard to keep grease off the element, add an AMNPS and you should have a smoker. If you just don't want electric, you could fab a dropped bottom to the oven box and mount your heat source in that. There are oven conversions documented here just search for them.

  5. daveomak

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    Dragon, evening.....  Some of those lower drawers are warming ovens..... you might be able to use it for heat for the smoker..... Careful where you drill.....    Dave

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