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Turkey Fryer Modification Question


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My wife got me a 24" Paella Pan for Christmas this year. The other night in trying it out I realized I don't have a great setup to use it. My gas stove doesn't heat it enough, my grill is too small to close the lid, and my turkey fryer only heats the 12" center scorching it, while not cooking the outer parts. I was considering using some sort of a baffle to distribute the flame on the turkey fryer. I did a google search and found that there are premade heat diffusers that people use for this reason on their stovetop and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a DIY version that I could make to whatever size works best for me place on top of the Turkey fryer "ring" (similar to how some people cook oysters). What material would you consider? Would you drill some holes in it or leave it solid? Would you make it to fit inside the fryer ring or so that it overhung for more surface area? Thanks for letting me pick your brains!


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Your question perked my interest, even though I don't have a paella pan.

Found this via internet search ... "I tried various things to make paella. First I tried various heat spreaders and those were a total failure. They suck up too much heat. Then I used two burners while rotating the pan. That worked but ended up being 25 minutes of rotating chore. Finally I found the answer: a wok ring. I bought a cheap "all aluminum" wok ring on amazon and put that on top of my biggest burner and the paella pan on top of that and it's amazingly good. The extra height allows for a more even heat distribution on top of my sealed burners. The only thing I have to do is make sure any water I add is close to boiling so it doesn't cool the paella down. "

Probably don't want to invest more cash than necessary, but saw paella burners. Burner Model 500 with Reinforced Tripod (paellapans.com) ... also some on Amazon.

The wok ring might be a cheap option to try.


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If you can find a cast iron griddle your pan will sit on that might distribute the heat well enough. Another thought would be a 1/4"-1/2" aluminum disk of the right size. Most good SS cookware has an aluminum core for even heat distribution.

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