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Trying to choose smoker for husband. Is it worth waiting for Memorial Day or Father's Day sales?


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I still keep a Weber on the deck next to my DLX for searing steaks, cooking burgers and dogs and chicken breasts, etc. My idea was to use the Sidekick but the wife decided she’d prefer the “traditional” gas grill, so we have both.
I bought a Camp Chef DLX, and I have an old school weber as well. I told my wife I would like to keep both when I got my smoker, and she was a bit confused as to why I would even entertain the idea of getting rid of my Weber. She said it belongs on the patio.



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Just found this thread/post. If it's not too late, here's my thoughts...
First of all, you are a WONDERFUL spouse. I can't think of anything more thoughtful and loving that what you are doing here. Please follow through and make a purchase. And then help him assemble it. The fact you researched and made a choice will mean a lot to him. If it turns out, he really has informed (and strong) opinions and prefers something other than what you chose, it should be easily returned in the box. (Analogy: many bride-to-be's exchange the initial engagement ring...but don't all women prefer to get proposed to with some ring, not just a check?)
I think a pellet grill is a great choice. Yes a Weber kettle does a lot, is basic while still making good food, but a pellet grill is definitely a step up without getting into all the time-consuming wood-tending fire tricks of offsets and traditional smokers. You didn't mention a budget, and perhaps cost is of no object to you, if so RecTeqs and others at the $1000 and up price point are premier/prestige items. I'm not in that category and if you're not either, $400-500 gets you a perfectly good pellet grill. (Even better Deals can be had, but usually not going into the summer like now.) At that price point, all the essential, and admittedly lifetime-limited, components of the pellet grills are pretty much equivalent. The brands you mentioned are all goood. Just get one at least as big as what you think your min needs are, and then the weight of the darn thing is a pretty good gauge of the overall quality.


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Best $400 to spend on a smoker for any beginner is on Weber Smokey Mountain. When the electronics are dead on all the pellet grills, the Smokey Mountain will still be going strong. Plus, you can ado all kinds of things to a Smokey Mountain like electronics if you want. Best smoker out their to learn on, and you may never outgrow it imho.
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