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  1. Well I have a Brinkman Smoke-n-Grill and I have now done pork butt (pulled pork) and and I have done a pork tenderloin and the next thing I am thinking is a whole turkey and I am a little neverous, any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated! Also now that I have started I absolutely love smoking and want to do it all the time, I hope that some day I can upgrade smokers and was looking for some opinions on what would be a good next step that is resonable I am on a very tight budget! I love the aticles and really appreciate being part of this group.
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  2. for your next smoker. What price range do you want to be in? what do you want it to use for fuel. about how large?

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    You might start with the modifications recommended for the Brinkman to make it a better smoker if you have not already done so. Jeff has a good tutorial at or you can search Google and you will find several ways. It might be a good inexpensive way to start. A good next step might also be to build your own UDS...not real expensive and you get the joy of knowing you did it!Good luck on wahtever you decide!
  4. I have a pretty tight budget my wife is laid-off right now and has had a lot of medical problems this year, I have to young girls, so like most people I have to watch everything I spend closely, I really enjoy smoking/cooking with wood and lump charcoal, I am not real picky I just love doing it and my Brinkman was just the starting point.
  5. Hello and welcome Smokenhans.  themule asked the important questions.  Big Griz mentioned the UDS.  Gets a little chilly there in the winter as I understand. [​IMG]  That's gonna make holding temp in a UDS harder to do.  If you are in a rural area I'll bet you could find and old fridge or freezer stuck out in a barn.  And locate a propane stove/cooker with oven.  Even if off that well known auction site ( E-B88 ).  Fridge is insulated and will have a door seal.  Good for winter.  Old oven provides all the burners and controls needed to make it work.  Good winter project.  Check out fridge freezer builds in the forum.  I haven't gotten to start mine yet due to commitments but expect to have less than 200 in the build when finished not counting custom paint ( if I can afford it ).  I have posted the starting picts.  Have a look to see what I mean.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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