trying a different cut

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 30, 2007
texas , queensland
i got these two chunks of beef on my last shopping spree. the butcher said they were beef blade .........some thing or other cant remember. they are only small , about 2.5 pound each . i put them on our digital scales in the shop ( store ) and the combined wieght was 2.3 kilos .
anyway i am have just put them in the weber with some bits of pecan wood.
i plan on taking one out of the cooker at slice temp and leave the other go to pulling temp. see what we end up with (i love experimenting). also going to do a rack of pork spare ribs today , had to make up a new double batch of jeffs rub .
while they are cooking i am making up a double batch of jeffs sauce ( i have a couple of friends that want a bottle of it, and since i cant and wont give them even a hint of what is in it i will have to make it for them.
i could probably make up a bulk lot of that sauce and sell it in my shop ( store ) just have to buy new bottles to sell it in.
here is a couple of pics of the beef waiting for the smoker .
the smoke is just starting to filter through to my computer room now.
i suppose the news agent next door will be in soon to tell me that some thing is burning, one of these days he will ring the fire brigade.

on the jeffs sauce thing i am not selling it i am making two bottles extra to give to 2 friends . i just said i could sell it , in my store .
and i dont think i would want to go into making and selling sauce anyway , i dont get enough time to do what i do now .
just thought i should clear that up befor a dispute starts.
yeah deb
i have altered jeffs recipe quite a bit to suit us anyway .
i add a dash more sugar and molasas . a bit less cayan and black pepper .
and i also add a few good splashes of red wine vinegar and an extra little splash of w/shire sauce.
Hey Canada that cut is called a chuck tender....should turn out well ,and blade cuts are always tasty
i jut saw this & thought someone butchered a fajita into a round cut(1/2"slice that-thickness & save the "film" - ya can't get fajita spice there so ya can order it from and this is not an add- just the best spices & i win w/ this all the time- smoke over 225 w/ the fajita spice,fresh garlic & onion for 2 hrs(inderect heat or wrapped in foil), add 3 cups water & raise to boil,dice meat,drop to simmer for 2 hours,shred a bit, add carne seasoning & 2 extra tbsp of comino(cumin),1 teaspn red pepper,&1 tsp salt(i don't cook w/ salt).- simmer until thick & let rest for 1 hr... reheat & serve next day
wel they are done wrapped em both in foil at 150 , then back in the weber with a dash of pinapple juice . then took one out at 180 and wrapped it up in a towel, kept the other in the weber to 200 . the one for slicing looks dry to me and still a little tuff. the one i pulled may be ok with some finnishing sauce .dont think i will buy this cut again hardly any fat at all on it .i may of cooked it a little fast only took about 4.5 to 5 hours but they were only small cuts of meat.

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