True Peameal Bacon?

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I don't think how you cured, dry, wet, and/or injected, has anything to do with peameal.

I believe "peameal" is an after the fact add-on to Canadian Bacon.

True Pea meal bacon is an injection cured meat but not smoked like Canadian bacon, then covered in peameal.
I agree with ya Mike. I've made it before from a recipe given to me by a Canadian. lol  He used to post here, I'll see if I can find the recipe if you are interested.

and Yes... TQ can be used. :)
Found my pics but still looking for the recipe... This recipe belongs to Zeeker.  He so kindly shared it with me.

It's tasty stuff!

Peameal bacon.

I brined two loin backs in sweet pickle brine for 7 days...

rolled both in corn meal...

The peameal bacon...ready to fry...


Peameal bacon is awesome... so moist and tender. :)
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<p>Cowgirl,,,  Ya that's it !!

<p>I found this recipe but I'm not sure what Modern cure is?

Great Mike.


 Mike would "Modern Cure" be a brand name?  I'm just guessing..
cowgirl, if its not too much trouble, could you send me the recipe also?

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