Traeger pellets in an A-maze-n smoker?

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Original poster
Jan 24, 2014
I just got an a-maze-n pellet smoker 5x8, haven't gotten to use it yet...hopefully going to try cold smoking cheese tomorrow. I had ordered 2 lbs of apple pellets to try with it, but I have found at my local Runnings I can get Traeger brand pellets in a 20 lb bag for $16.99 instead of the $12 the 2 lb bag of a-maze-n brand pellets cost me to buy and ship. On top of being able to have them without waiting for them to get here, the price difference of almost 10x the cost is significant. Has anyone tried other brands of pellets in their a-maze-n smoker?  I don't see any reason they wouldn't work, but hoped for some input from someone who has tried it before I go buying a huge bag. 
We have a couple local brands, no fillers, that I run al the time. $9 per 20# bag on sale, $12 not on sale. I'd search around a bit. Here Treager is local but too expensive!
Awesome!  I will probably give them a try then.  I am all for supporting A-maze-n, as I have heard nothing but good things about his customer service, but for 10x the money and having to order the pellets I need to try something locally available and save some of my hard earned dollar is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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