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  1.          I am planning on smoking ribs sunday suppose to be warm 36 . My daughter got me a 6x8 pellet smoker for christmas and wondering where to place in my in mes 30 all hints helpfull thanks jim
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    Jim, morning.... It should fit on the wire support rack to the left of the burner/chip tray.... Be sure to leave the top vent open wide and pull the chip tray out about 1".     I also fill the pellet tray and place it in the smoker to dry the pellets out a lilttle during warm up of the smoker.... Usually my pellets need a lilttle drying to burn correctly.... Dave
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  3.        Thanks Dave i just tried it an it just fits  thanks for your help jim
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    You are going to love that unit - make sure to light it and let it run for a good 10 minutes. I think you also need to open the chip loader a bit to get some air into the chamber  
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    O Yea now your smoking !!!
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     Yup Dave  is right
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    Don't forget the camera Jim!

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