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  1. Okay it's 2:15 am cloudy 34 degrees and I'm waiting on smoker to reach temp.of 225 - 240.

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  2. daveomak

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    Looks like it will be delish.....     [​IMG]
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    SPP, looking good !
  4. Ok so I put my Boston Butt on the Masterbuilt gasser at 3 am ( a litter later than I wanted too , but its cold outside so it took longer to get to 225)

    played around with control for about 1/2 hour . Got it stable at about 235 degrees stayed there for about 40 minutes. Went to lay down at 4am.

    but I couldn't sleep (nervous , excited , I don't know ). checked temp at 5:15 still holding steady, set alarm for 6:30 back to bed . Alarm goes off at 6:30 ( wife NOT happy ) get up go outside to check on things===== BOOM !!! temp up to 275 !! OK don't panic (yea right ) open door check apple chunck situation ( add more )  get temp back around 225 .6am stick probe in meat from my ONEIDA digital thermometer and timer

    and it reads 130 / 132. Just checked again at 7:20 am up to 135.

    Question #1 - why the spike in temp after such a long time and

    Question #2 - am I still safe with only 135 IT after 4 hours of smoke time ?

    THANK YOU in advance for any and all advice , JOE
  5. It is looking good. Now lets talk about your math. First pic is on the counter at 2:15 then 7:20 it is 135° so that is 5:05. But I am going to say that you are still safe. It took a while to get above 40°. As for the spike in temp [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  6. Thanks tm69 I'm at 141 now but I am having trouble keeping temp up in the smoker, cant seem to get it past 175 . Could it be a problem with my propane tank being too cold . The flame doesn't seem to adjust very much when I turn the knob ?
  7. bluewhisper

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    Probably the propane pressure.

    When I've been smoking in the offset at ~30F I need open flame to stay around 225F.
  8. daveomak

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    If the flame has been on for a long time, the propane is getting too cold to "off gas" , "evaporate".....    You will need a heating tape to wrap around the tank, then insulate it, for the propane to work properly....   Insulate only where the heating tape is....
  9. Thanks BW I have the valve on the tank wide open and my control knob on the smoker wide open and I'm barely at 200. Would wrapping the tank in a blanket help ?
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    No...  That will only hold in the cold....  the tank is colder than the outside air....   Feel it...   it's probably around zero degrees...   insulating it is NOT the thing to do....  they use propane for refrigeration... 
  11. Hey D/O I don't have any heat tape can I just wrap in a blanket ?
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  13. how about switching tanks I have another one in the house
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    Yes, change it......

    Propane tanks should NOT be used inside a living space....   If the blow off valve vents.....   your house could blow up and leave a big hole in the ground....   
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    could also be frozen regulator
  16. thanks  Dave O I changed the tank and it seems to have better flame now . I don't use the tanks in the house but I do store them in a heated area near the house
  17. Its nice to know you can count on you guys when a newbie like me run into a problem
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    Funny story - I was staying in an unheated cabin, we had one of those parabolic heaters that screws on to the top of a propane can, similar to this

    The place was cold and the can got colder; we were huddled around a vanishing flame because it was too COLD for the HEATER to work.

    Last October I hosted a volunteer event in a park, cooking lunch on a Road Trip pop-up grill with a can, and the can got cold enough to frost over. But the grill still worked.
  20. Hey B/W you know its cold when the heater wont even work !!!! I got the flame back now I just hope I didn't lose this 10 lb. butt . Its been in the smoker since 3 am , its now 11:30 am and my IT is only at 142 . I have baby backs to go on at about 1 pm . I wanted everything done around 6 pm but I don't think that's going to work out.

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