tired of lite smoke taste!

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  1. I bought the Memphis advantage pellet grill/smoker 3yrs ago, its great but I like more smoke taste and I did buy the A MAZE N for it and also made a little smoke bowl for wood chips that I also put in it. my question is would a offset smoker be my best choice for the next one? mainly  what we really like is burgers, steaks and chicken breasts but really want the outdoor smokey taste.                                              

    so any ideas what to look at?
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    Dude..put a Smoke Daddy on it. Put lump charcoal and wood chips in it and you'll be rolling in that type of flavor. They put out some serious smoke and can use several types of fuel.

    Use a SD correctly and it'll be your favorite external smoke generator
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    For another smoker look into uds smokers, you're cooking directly over the fire and the drippings combine with the smoke for some incredible flavors. You can't get much more outdoor flavor than that unless you dig a pit!
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    FWI simply beat me to it.

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