Timing on 6 butts + 1 brisket + sides?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by will75, Sep 20, 2015.

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    On friday i have an event where i am going in with 6 butts 1 brisket and sides.. I have equipment wise... 2 smokers both 40 in MES.. 2 AMNPS   (wasn't sure how well this would work with all the drippings happening with these full smokers) Even tented might be an issue. I bought some of that GEL 1 match starter, with hopes of it helping the AMNPS working the full smoke.

    What would your meat distribution suggestions be? 3 butts + corn/apple pies   in each smoker with the brisket in one as well?   Running 4 racks..I probably could get away with 2 butts per rack?  I just tested it with 2 frozens i have on hand and looks like 2 would work, i usually center 1 per rack.But, this is a big smoke.  The brisket barely fit's so it'll be 1 rack by itself. My biggest fear is.. 24 hours may not be enough with all this product. And another fear is the AMNPS will go out a lot because of the drippings, so i need to come up with a good placement and solution for this. My 2nd MES 40 incher will be here wednesday it's the new BT model, so it at least has the top vent, which should allow for the AMNPS to stay lit easier for me, since in my 2nd gen it's a bitch to keep lit.

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