Time for a new stick burner

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Dec 13, 2007
DC Metro - Northern Virginia
OK. So I have a 120 gallon reverse flow that has served me well. Several thousand pounds of meat have been turned into smoky goodness by the Hog Coffin.

Now it's time to upgrade as I am looking to do more roadside and bigger "catering/roadside" gigs. I'm trying to decide whether it makes sense to go with a 250 or 500. (I wish I could find a 330 gallon tank...anyone?)

A 500 seems like a fracking monster and I am concerned I would be not be using the full expanse of real estate.

Does anyone have experience going from 250 to 500? Did you wait to expand or got the big rig and went out and found the business?

Also, in the Lang line, is the 108 equivalent to a 500? Thanks.

I can't tell you if the Land 108 is equivalent to a 500 or not. What I can share with you is that I have smoked numerous times on a Lang 108 Deluxe with the warmer and have smoked 75+ 8lb. butts at a time.

The day before Thanksgiving this year I smoked 21 15+lb turkeys and about 250 chicken wings and 40 links of sausage all at the same time.

The 108 is a "Big Dog" and if you are looking to smoke some great Q for 500+ people....your looking at the right rig. A case of Butts (8) 8 pounders will feed about 100 people.

It takes about 45-60 minutes to get the big guy up to around 275 degrees, I then load in the butts/turkey/brisket and back her down to 230-250 and can easily keep the temperature there for 2+ hours. Then add in some additional .....well seasoned "OAK" wood and I am good to go for several hours.

With minor tweeks to the pin wheels I can lock in the temperature at 230-240 degrees and I will smoke for 10 -12 hours and we're done.

Take the butts out, let them sit for 20-25 minutes........stand back and get ready for some outstanding Q. 
Wood consumption is good. Not nearly as much as I thought it would be for the 108. As I mentioned in my previous post, after I got the Big Guy up to around 275 degrees, I used about three splits every hour and a half to two hours to maintain the 230-250 temperature. The  60 uses less.

If the 108 is more than what you are looking for you might want to go on Lang's web site and take a look at the 84 or the 60 which are smaller. Both come in a Deluxe model which includes the warming racks and you can add either with a nice grill included as well.
Thanks for the response. I have been looking at either the 84 or 108 deluxe. I need to see them in person to get an idea of which size will work best for me.

I know Bubba makes the 250R and 500R, which are in the same price range. I am looking at those as well.
I think the 250 is sized perfect for portable catering, 500 gallon would be more for a stationary gig or resteraunt. Plus, you would still have a 120 in your pocket if you got a really big gig.
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