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Jul 7, 2017
New York
Just wanted to pass on a great experience I just had with ThermoWorks. I’ve owned a Smoke unit and the WiFi bridge for a long time. I have a few other products of theirs too. A short time ago I broke the plastic kickstand on my Smoke. Tried a few times time glue it together, tried UV welding, just couldn’t get it to set right. On a whim I called ThermoWorks today to buy the part. They are sending me the part at no cost, and shipping it for free. Turns out I had 2 accounts with them, that they fixed as well. All in maybe a 3 minute phone call. Got the confirmation email maybe 5 minutes later. Excellent service. Excellent company. I’ve been looking at temp controllers for a charcoal smoker, I know which one I’m buying now.
That's great to hear! I have a TP-20 and a Mk4 instant read thermometer for some time now, never a problem with either. RAY
Yes.. I too did the same thing... I dropped my Smoke and it broke the kickstand.... Called to buy a replacement and they sent it free of charge... On a different occasion I called and explained how the CC probe seemed like the plug was not making good connection.. had to wiggle it around to get it to read... And then it was reading way off... they sent a new probe at no charge...
I also have two thermo pens... one in the house and one for the smoker ...

So yes... They will be my source for future purchases ...

I’ve been looking at temp controllers for a charcoal smoker, I know which one I’m buying now.
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