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What I remember hearing is
"Bet ya won't do that again will ya son?"
"No sir "

But lawyers didn't advise on our Magnavox console TV.

What I remember hearing is
"Bet ya won't do that again will ya son?"
"No sir "

But lawyers didn't advise on our Magnavox console TV.

I got my but whooped for knocking the TV off the dinner tray stand. Luckily the TV guy was able to put it back together.
Took me a whole summer cuttin grass to pay off that bill!
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Listen , I get all of it , and agree . Problem is most parents are F;n stupid today .
Along with being absent . Some kids don't stand a chance from the get go .
Funny you put it that way, and you are right. While the younger generation blames "Boomers" for the downfall of everything, as generations, they arent showing us how it should have been done...standing up and reversing whatever ills their parents created. They seem to be doubling down on the excesses of the Boomers expecting everything from the world yet unwilling to do the hard work, create the callouses required, live in a crap apartment with almost no furniture and eating the cheapest food available to make ends meet. And they give the kids screens because it shuts them up...not all that different than Saturday morning cartoons for me as a kid, but that morning, then we were outside the rest of the day and didn't even want to come in after dark.

My parents were "there", but I wasn' much as possible! We were free range and only had to tell our parents where we were going if we were going down the road past the turn where mom's voice screaming couldn't find us!

All businesses have to protect against frivolous or even valid lawsuits. You can just skip the first couple pages of any instruction manual these days where they warn against any potential harm including acts of God. You need to know to not try to plug the electrical cord in to a gas line...dont you? I mean, not everyone knows that...
Funny you put it that way, and you are right.
Maybe , but stupid wasn't really the right way to put it . More like poorly raised parents , poorly raising kids ?

It easy to look past the fact that a lot of us were raised by Military Vets , because that was normal for us . Some generations didn't get that structure , or Moral outlook on the world . Maybe a gratefulness for life and others ? I'm not sure , but It's something I've thought about for a long time .
I'd rather take a beating than purposely do someone wrong .
When I worked as a Mechanic , I went to a junkyard one day with another guy to get some parts . Saw the guard dogs chained up , and I commented " poor dogs " or something .
He said " They don't know any different , that's how they were raised "

Same holds true for people .
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1. Minor quibble, the McDonald's case got taken up as a popular example of frivolous lawsuits, but it really wasn't frivolous at all. See

2. Every generation considers itself smarter than the prior one and wiser than the following one. "Kids these days" has never NOT been a complaint - and usually it has been the *same* gripes about being lazy/ignorant/rude/etc. over and over again. Yes, your parents said the same thing about you.

3. However, for the first time in this country's history, the younger people are *not* better off than their parents were at the same age - and, not coincidentally, this follows the likely greatest slowdown in generational wealth transfer, on top of historic highs for tax bracket distortion and historic lows for things like unions and social safety nets. The prices on all the things that society teaches us to be "essential" to success in life - housing, education, raising a family - are outpacing inflation and *wildly* outpacing wages. Compared to earlier generations, Gen Z is actually the most educated, most fully-employed at this stage of life... but least upwardly-mobile and least able to afford the supposed fruits of all that labor.

So where does that leave us?
I agree that McDonalds coffee was too hot. One could never drink it as soon as you were served it. That was tough, because for me, I needed that coffee in me fast! I was never stupid enough to hold the Styrofoam flexible cup between my legs, pop the cap off and try adding stuff. That's what cup holders are for...and the concept of Darwinism...

As far as GenZ bieng the most educated and employed...first, one has to define "education". This is sketchy these days with more focus on social justice and DEI than shop class. The school system I attended, at the time ranked #2 in the country, eliminated their welding VOTEC program for instance. That program made me fully employable as a multi-process welder at age 18 right out of high school...and I was employed until I started my own business. I was never out of work for more than two hours. We were taught 100 ways to blow yourself up with an oxy-acetelyne rig and to suffer the slag burning through the top of your boot for the sake of the quality of the weld. I have literally heard stories of young men asking how they can become a welder without getting burned. That qualifies as an oxymoron. Welding shop closed because "little Johnny cant get burned" anymore. Scars used to be normal. We were real men who worked while we bled. Young people telling me I didn't earn that...well, I'll just say I have no respect for them because they clearly have no respect for me.

I just closed my business and still work for a metal fabricator. I can tell you, the pool of people really willing to work HARD, the kind of jobs that you WILL get injured doing (cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc.) is almost non-existent in the white middle class. It's mostly immigrants willing to work that hard today. We've told our kids they are above such toil, then over-educated most of them to work retail in the end. Sure, there are success stories. A family right across the street from me has all hard working married kids and grandchildren (6 kids, a real "Partridge Family"). They gather as a family every weekend for a meal and fun. None of the kids still live at home. A rare thing these days. This is not a "rich" family, but the dad was a construction superintendent and the mom is an employee of the local college medical system, both hard working good paying jobs.

The inflation is political. It comes from DC. We are 35 trillion in debt and rapidly counting. It's definitely not the fault of the younger generations except those that vote for politicians that are onboard with profligate spending. There's no doubt our kids have an uphill battle. I have complained for years that the county I live in doesn't zone for affordable housing. The only time they seem to is approving "The Projects"...landing "ghettos" next to neighborhoods. With their "green" spacing concepts, they simply dont build nice little single family neighborhoods with small starter homes like I grew up in till I was 13.

My opinion is, its a perfect storm. A lot of younger (American born) folks are simply not willing to work the jobs that pay really well, like plumbing and electrician...welder, etc. If they dont end up in a high paying white collar or medical field, they are crushed by the cost of living.
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