The smell!!

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
What is it about the smell that drives you nuts? There is no other smell of food cooking thats makes my mouth water and my stomach crave the way the way the smoker does. It doesnt matter when I ate last or how full or emtpy my belly is, when I smell that smoke it an instant almost uncontrolable craving. Should I get some help or does this happen to anyne else?
Dude I think you need help .........Eating all that good food yer cookin .... With all this heat outside and yer mouth watering we don't want you to dehydrate ... so I will help eat it and save ya from a heat stroke .....I'm only thinking of me aaa I mean you no realy I mean you yea thats it
You are not nuts... at least not until you wander outside in the middle of the night, whip open the lid of your empty, unlit smoker and huff the aroma that spews from within... then you will be deemed nuts.
All I have to do is walk by the smoker and smell that smell. I don't know about the rest of you but when I smell smoke its time to pop a top.
I'm at the point that I'll smoke something and give it to neighbors because we sure can't eat it all. Yeah, they like having me next door. lol You're not alone! It doesn't matter how cold or hot it is outside, I'll sit out there all day sippin' a cold beer and tendin' to my smoker......just to smell it!
LOL Debi they are quoting you, before long they are going to erect a statue lol.

I agree though something about the smell of smoke, mmmmm

Ron -

Jessie said I better stay away from that get together in WV or you all might find out I'm just a plain ole misplaced farm girl!
I specificly placed my smoker by the door so everytime I walk in or out of my house I get my fix. I feel its not so much a mental illness but more along the lines of a chemical dependacy. I have gone 9 full days now with out smoking. And I AM HAVING WITHDRAWLS!!!

The first step is admiting you have a problem. The next, is to give in to it...
I have my grill next to my smoker and tonite I made Carne Asada on the grill. Every time I walked by the smoker I got that euphoric aroma! I had to shut down the smoker until probably September when the monsoon season ends. Never know when you get that ugly dust storm.

But, the Carne Asada was awesome! Thin strips of top round sprinkled with chile powder, salt and cumin and marinated in lime juice with onions, scallions and cilantro. Grilled real quick and served on corn tortillas with fresh pinto beans and chopped onions and jalapenos (not refried) with a squirt of fresh lime juice on top...

Hungry now?

Oh yeah, had a few Margarita's with them too...
My wife and I went out for hot wings and beer tonight. When we got home and out of the pickup we both looked at each other at the same time and said somebody is smoking..... To our knowledge nobody else smokes on our block, but there was a distinct smell of meat and hickory in the air. Tomorrow I am investigating..... We have had a few neighbors comment over the years that the aroma from our backyard makes them get up in the middle of the night for a refrigerator snack, NOW I want to know who got the itch to smoke bad enough to give it a try !!!
I roll my smoker back into the garage with a bit of smoke coming out of it yet in order to have the smell penetrate the walls. So now when I leave in the morning I smell it and when I return I smell it. If the finished product did not taste so good I would have to get myself checked out
Just like cheech says ,,,keep my smokers in the garage ,now seasoned with a nice hickory hew,,,just love going out there to putter and breath in that aroma
problem is now I gotta start ramping up some more exercise to burn off some weight from all this Q and beer
,,,mrs.T-bone says I need help ( just brought home a 4th smoker
)....until I feed her some more Q ....
,,,okay maybe I need help ( just a little ) bringing in the beer and the next supply of meat for the smoker
Glad I'm not alone! Maybe we all need help, we should start a support group. Wait we already have on right here!!
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