The Roast of Sir Charles

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Aug 5, 2018
Well, in between my multiple attempts at shoveling the drive clear of snow this morning, I dropped a couple chuck roast in the smoker. Smoked low at 225 for around 3 hours or so until they hit 160-165 ish. Double wrapped with foil and put back in and waiting for them to hit that 208 is area. Will share more pics then!

208 update. Well, one isnt nearly as thick as the other, so it hit 208 while the other is still at 190. So the 208 went into time out in the cooler. Left the probe in it to monitor its temp and will cut it up for a pre dinner snack when it hits 145. Hopefully the other catches up soon!
Snack Charles is ready and probably gone by now since I took it inside about 40 minutes ago lol. Still waiting on thick chucky!


My dog is gonna flip when he gets those drippings in his kibble!.
Beautiful looking dog!!
I'm a gun dog guy. LABS preferably. I lost my last one in 18 and haven't wanted to go through that heartache again. Still might though when I get the time...maybe. This guy is Brutus, he was rescued at 5 or 6 weeks when his mother got hit by a car.. Belgium mallinois. Navy seal type dog. True badass! He loves to go killing! He brought back a deer leg today, thankfully the deer wasn't attached lol!
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Took awhile, but the thick Charles is finally done! It's days like today that I appreciate meat so much.....



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Man did that roast turn out perfect. Nicely done.

Point for sure
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