The old Kraut cutter

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Oct 15, 2023
Swamp east Missouri
We were talking about Kraut the other day - thought some of y’all would like to see this one- it’s 100+ from what I’ve been told
Nice ! I took a " search picture " from the stamp above and it lead me too
T & D mfg . Cabbage cutter . Circa 1905 . Saw them listed around 50 bucks on Ebay .
Priceless for you I'm sure . That's cool .
I have one that my mother used back in the1930's & 40's.

Reminds of the farmer that retired and moved to town. He said when I was in the country, we cook the cabbage in the house and went to the bathroom outside. Now we cook cabbage outside and go the bathroom in the house.
My grandmother had a big ceramic crock with a wooden lid and the chopper was a flat steel blade mounted on a handle, reminds me of a hoe that was straightened out, no telling what happened to it.
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