the best southern cooking book?

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  1. Hi there y'all!

    I hope I can get some more help from you guys.

    I have bought some good books about smoking (smoking meat, smokin',...)

    But now I am trying to find some books about Southern Cooking (fried chicken, gravy, corn bread,...)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey , how Ya doin' [​IMG]

    The 'Joy of Cooking ' is hard to beat , and a subscription to 'Southern Living Magizine' would be a good start.

    A good search of the Recipes here will likely provide a wealth of Southern cooking  ,  just sayin'...

    Please stop in to your Profile and add your location so we can answer questions better.

    Keep us on yer dial and as always , have fun and...
  3. I'll give it a look. Thanks.

    I'll try that about modifying my profile too.
  4. Hey James a good source of southern cooking are the River Road Recipe books from the Junior League of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There are 2 vols. of them that are crammed full of traitional southern cooking recipes, conversion and equivalent charts, amounts of food needed to upscale recipes to 50 ppl. etc. 

    Also another very good cookbook, and 1 of my favorites, for excellent down home cuisine is the cook book Texas Home Cooking by Bill and Cheryl Jamison. Contains lots of recipes on building bbq rubs, sauces, smoking meats, plus tried and true recipes for chicken frying chicken, steaks, gravies, cornbreads, etc.

    Good luck in your searches, I've been collecting cook books for years myself.
  5. Great. Thanks for the help. I'll try to find those books.
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    I am in baton rouge and have every river road published. If you need a certain recipe just ask. If you have FB  look for bobs recipe box. (in groups) i take request for recipes there.
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    You've got some good recommendations here so far. I agree with oldschoolbbq about Southern Living magazine, but I doubt that you're going to get a subscription sent to Bilbao, Spain (One of my favorite cities, BTW). You can just check the website for the recipes monthly.

    Southern Living also publishes a number of cookbooks including a compilation of of all of the recipes from each years magazines, as well as specialty topics. All are available on Amazon

    Of their specialty topic cookbooks from Southern Living, one I think is particularly good is "The Way To Fry"

    Finally, for total immersion into the food and cooking in the South, the place you need to be is on the website of "The Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA)".

    The organization has published one cookbook, which I think is outstanding both as a read and for some great recipes, entitled "The Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook".

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  8. I'm glad you like Bilbao. It is probably one of the best great small towns.

    I'll take a look to those southern living and southern foodways alliance books.

    Thanks for the links.

    Muchas gracias
  9. I am sorry for the double posting. I have to be more careful when writing.

    Please accept my apologies.
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    River Road is one of the Best you can buy.  Totally agree with that.  Southern Living is great too.  Also...even good old Paula Deen's stuff is great.  Christy Jordan's Southern Plate cookbooks are simple and easy too.

    I live in Alabama and do recommend these too!


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