The Bacon Tree

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Mar 6, 2009
Jose and Pedro are lost in the desert, not having anything to eat or drink for many days.

The two wander aimlessly becoming more and more certain of the fate that awaits them.

As they fall to their knees ready to succumb to starvation and thirst Pedro raises up on his elbows, sniffs the air and says to his partner  "Jose, Jose I smell bacon" 

Jose looks around and in the distance they spot a tree covered in bacon.  All kinds of bacon from smoked, to Canadian to buckboard.

Excited about the possibility of salvation they struggle to crawl along the hot desert floor toward the bacon tree.

Nearing the bacon tree  Jose, in his excitement. leaps to his feet and with the last bit of strength in his body runs toward the bacon tree.   Pedro trying to raise himself from the desert floor yells out " Jose,  Jose wait!"   "Jose, Jose wait!"

Poor Jose his hunger gets the best of him and he ignores Pedro.  Running as fast as he can toward the bacon tree.  "Wait Jose, wait" Pedro continues to yell      As Jose gets to the base of the tree he looks back "what do you want Pedro, huh, what do you want"  

Just then gunfire erupts and down goes Jose in a puddle of his own blood.

Shocked Pedro falls to the ground   "Wait Jose, wait its not a bacon tree,  its a hambush"
LOL---Never saw that one coming !!!

I was thinking it was gonna be a cactus, or something like that.  

Hambush was better!

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