Thai Style Charcoal Logs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokeyjerry, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Anyone tried these? My wife's friend's husband (don't it figure) was going on about Thai-Style Charcoal Logs he read in a magazine. I looked it up, shipping was more than my smoker cost. Just curious, anyone tried?
  2. shaggy91954

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    I remember back in the day (Vietnam War Era) a potent canabis from Tailand called "Tai Stick".  If this is that in a log form it is probably worth the cost.  LOL. but I doubt it.  Not that I personally ever tried anything like that..............besides, how would you ever find rolling papers big enough to roll a log?.......Just sayin.
  3. "I need rolling papyrus"!  HISTORY OF THE WORLD, Part 1.[​IMG]
  4. yea that $h!t was legendary.
  5. I'm thinking some Asian grocery store near you has them.

    Maybe I'll check a couple places around here, just curious. 

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