Testing New Photo Host

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Glad to see that you made it over to ImageShack, Chad. Try using the thumbnails-they'll post a smaller photo but when you click on it, it will open up as a larger photo.
Like this. :o


I knew that wasn't the size you meant, but when I look at my images @ imageshack and use the thumbnails I can't see the pic without clicking on each individual one. :x It does cut the size in about 1/2 to go the one more step down to thumbnails tough. I guess if it's for the good of the best dang smoking site on the web I can try to name my pictures better. Besides, half the size means twice the pics right?

BTW, this is the offset charcoal/wood burner pre-propane days with meatballs, the above ABT's, 2 BBC's, and smoked corn in the foil. (4th of July 06)
Hi Chad,

When I post from ImageShack, I use the second thumbnail code for forums. It's the one with the capital URL and the pic looks like this,

The embeddable code for forums has pics like this,


Just thought I would toss that out since pic size seems to be becoming an issue.
Cajun, that is the one I thought after I saw the above pic was not right, but here is what I get when I use it:


I didn't see the two thumbnail codes on Imageshack the first go round but when I went to try to figure why my pics were different I saw it.

Ok, I figured it out. I was resizing to thumbnail size as I uploaded them to host. I think that if they are that small at upload you just get the no thumbnail available. Sound right?
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