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  1. Hi All,

    I just received my new Yoder Chisholm Smoker. When I was seasoning it yesterday I noticed a about 30 degree difference between the two ends. I went to Lang's Website and its says that you raised the nose of the trailer to allow the heat to go up the hill instead down hill. Will this work for all smokers? Is there any more tips that I can learn for you guys?

  2. First of all that is a damn fine smoker ya got there. Congrats and enjoy it!

    Yes, tilting the exhaust end up can help to even out heat, but every smoker is different and how effective this is will depend on your equipment. 

    What was the average temperature when you noticed this difference? I ask because if you measured it when you were seasoning I'm going to assume that it was higher...up around over 350 or so. If that is the case then your temperature differential between ends when you are down around 225 is going to be significantly less after the smoker is good and warmed up. Get her to cooking temperature and keep her there for 30 minutes or so and then check both ends of the chamber before you assume what the difference is.

    If you did not get the internal temperature damper plate that is an option on that model then you can create your own baffle plates if you decide that you need them. For other ideas on evening out smoking chamber temps do a search on "SFB mods".

    Good luck and enjoy!
  3. Yes I did get the temp plates and I even got the two burners for the front as well. I took the temps readings when I was seasoning it. One end was 350 and the other end was about 325. I just got done firing it up to do some baby back ribs for lunch. I will be smoking them at 225. I will be doing the 2-2-1 method that I have reading here on SMF. In about three weeks I will be doing Baby Back Ribs for 250 people. I just want to get the kinks out before that so everything will go smoothly for me.


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