Temp for citric acid

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Nov 23, 2016
Central Wisconsin
It is the time of year to make sausage. I've made summer sausage using Rytek's recipe in the past, and liked it well enough. However, I'm out of fermento, and had read about ECA so I bought some. Rytek's recipe says to take the meat to 145 degrees, however, the ECA I bought (LEM) says to take the meat to 150 to melt the capsules. I've read on here where some say 135 is needed for the ECA capsule to melt. Can anyone help shed some light on this for me? I'm thinking taking the sausage to 150 wouldn't harm anything, as long as I'm not too warm in the smoker to render the fat, however, I liked the results of 145, and not sure what I will get at 150. Also, should I go slightly over 150 to guarantee the capsules melt, or is 150 good enough? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
If the eca instructions say 150 I would go 150. I'm sure they will all melt at that temp the manufacturer is covering that with the 150temp. Taking the IT to 150 won't change the texture much. 145 seems a bit low maybe Rytek was counting on carry over to bring the IT up to 150. I go minimum 152 with any kind of sausage.
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