TATANKA….First cook

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So.....question....can you hang sausage poles in that thing? Looks like it ought to hold about 60# or so at one time......

I would guess so....I guess if they can rest on the slides for the racks. I was thinking about it for doing bacon. seenred seenred what say you?


I'd suggest using some angle to fit on the flat surfaces to prevent rolling.....the bacon hooks can hang on the angle...

Absolutely! I'd say anything that's flat on the ends and that will slide in the rack runners could be used to hang sausage/bacon hooks. Or - maybe you could simply remove all the racks except the top one, and hang your hooks from the expanded metal or the rack frame? But I don't see why something like that wouldn't work.

Thats awesome Jim! Everything from the smoker build, to the cook and then the name!
Well Jim,
And here I thought you would just cook up a small package of wings for you and Bryce, for the first cook. Ha Ha

Like I mentioned in the build thread. Full that sucker up with animal parts ..... and that you did Sir.

What a great first cook , and yes lots of room for a big spread in that monster.

Great toasts to the builder seenred seenred and the cook JLeonard JLeonard Great on both of you folks , family forever.

You done did gooder Jimbo. Nice way to pop the smokers cherry.

Point for sure
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Congrats to you both Jim and Red. This has been a great follow culminating in a great looking first cook. You are right Jim, everything looks so small in that beast, lol. I too raise a glass, well not this early but tonight. Very cool that you fed the folks too. Many happy cooks!! And Red, as my Dad was want to say often, "You are indeed a man of many talents" Great Job!!!!
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