TATANKA….First cook

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Nice Jim ! That's the way to break it in . Everything looks great , and sounds like it runs great .

Enjoy !
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Had a long week after getting home from Oklahoma. What to break in my smoker with? Kept looking at it and how big it was. Decided that a pork butt would be a good one to get used to it. So…did a pork butt, Chuck roast, 2 slabs of ribs, a couple of pork tender loins, and a couple rolls of breakfast sausage. and also a pan of baked beans and smoked cheesy potatoes. Still had a ton of room left.
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With Being unsure as to if/when I’ll be moving, I hadn’t bought any wood, so I just used the boxed wood splits from academy. Being kiln dried it burnt well, just didn’t leave much in the way of a coal bed. So I had to augment with some charcoal. Smoker ran great temps. I had a probe on the top rack and one on the bottom rack. Ran about 10 degrees different during the cook.
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chuckie and butt about 6 hours in. I’d already pulled the tenderloins And sausage rolls off after about an hour and half. Got every thing together and took out to my foks house. Fed the family…
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and of course the plated shot..
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I will Say Joel ( seenred seenred ) built a hell of smoker! Once it was up to temp I just added a split about every 45 minutes (and as I mentioned earlier, a little charcoal here and there). Maintained Temp very well and ran like a dream. figure when I get some proper wood it‘ll only get better! And it is HEAVY!! Once I get settled it will become a permanent fixture.
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Cheers Joel and again THANK YOU!

Nothing like starting small and simple (LOL) looks like you gat a permanent fixture there. great looking grub too
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Second- this is one of the best damn sites around...period. The quality of people here is just a cut above! Good on you guys! Keep it up people...our little refuge away from the insanity of the world.
I have to agree here. This is definitely my escape from the real world. And the friends I have found here for sure helps my mental health.

JL, Awesome smoke with some great looking food. Incredible smoker, looks like you could feed a whole town! SR- Nice build on that smoker sir and some tasty looking bourbon !
So.....question....can you hang sausage poles in that thing? Looks like it ought to hold about 60# or so at one time......
I would guess so....I guess if they can rest on the slides for the racks. I was thinking about it for doing bacon. seenred seenred what say you?

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