Sweet Italian Sausage Recipe

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Some fresh Italian sausages from Calabria use sweet pepper sauce in the meat pasta. I use sweet red bell pepper and sweet calabrian peppers when I make the pasta
I have an Italian pepper sauce that I add to sausage sometimes for something special. It calls for Calabrian peppers but I use Fresno peppers instead because I can get them local. It is a very delicious sausage.
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103 ? It's good . Not super hot but it's there . That's the one I used to make snack sticks out of .
Also added some anise to it to make what I consider " Pizzaria " flavor for pizza .
Makes a good link .

Italian bratwurst from Marianski . Pork , salt , fennel , white pepper . Done deal .
Yep 103. Plan to bump the heat with the calabrian pepper stuff I have. Finally have all the italian herbs to play with. Last run I didn't have anise.

I always forget that one! Man that sounds killer. HUGE fan of the simple formulas.

Do not omit the anise seeds, it is essential to the flavor.

Think I will be running some italian of sorts this weekend. Hope to get in the ballpark at least with the anise.

There are definitely other players to good italian as was mentioned, like cheese and wine but they will not fix a weak base formula. One thing that I think be REALLY good for a sweet italian would be a sweet vermouth. TONS of italian character in the stuff.
Anyone have a good "sweet" italian recipe? Wife wants me to make her some for spaghetti meat.
I don't have any Italian recipe yet.
I made a batch a couple months ago and it needs some tweaking.
Being your wife wants it for sauce meat, I would forgo the hassle of stuffing and just go bulk pack until you get a recipe that clicks and you think "man, this would be good as a sausage sandwich."
Yup, like Chop said, anise and fennel both provide that black licorice(ish) flavor. Anise more so but I think italian sausage needs both.

I don't like licorice either but I use both anise and fennel, just not heavily.
I don't like "licorice" either.
I made a batch with just fennel and learned the hard way it has to have a touch of anise or the flavor profile is just flat.
" Sweet " Italian denotes fennel in the mix . From there it's mild or hot depending on the amount of red pepper or flakes .

All different types of Italian sausage that does not contain fennel , usually known by the region .
Love Hot Italian sausage. I add fennel and anise.

Good flavor combination.
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Love Hot Italian sausage. I add fennel and anise.
I make so many varieties I lose track . I usually go 2 to 1 Fennel to anise . If bulk for pizza I do the reverse , heavy anise or anise only . I think the anise brings out the " pizza parlor " in the sausage . A pinch of caraway is an interesting add also . I do the spice by taste . The amounts in recipes are always to low for me .
Italian is one that I like to season the chunks , mix , and hold overnight before grinding . I think it adds to it .
I got thinking about this when this thread was posted . I've made it both with some heat and without . It deserves a bump . Great recipe .
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