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  1.      Ok here is a super easy recipe for a cup cake. I was pondering for a while to think of something really easy that anyone can do successfully & then it hit me.    [​IMG]    I used to make these when I was going to school & living in York. I couldn't afford an apartment so I rented a corner of a basement off a very nice old couple. My budget was extremely tight so I ate lots of ramen noodles & such. No stove but I had a microwave. Anyway long story short I used to treat myself to one of these occasionally when I could procure the necessary ingredients.

          Now before you scoff at the idea of baking in a microwave keep in mind this was the only thing I had access to & they are surprisingly good  [​IMG]

    Here is what you will need.

    A large tea cup

    1 chicken egg

    4 Tbsp sugar

    4 Tbsp flour

    1/4 tsp baking powder

    3 Tbsp milk

    3 Tbsp oil

    1 splash of vanilla extract

    1 toothpick

    If you want to make this a chocolate cup cake add 2 Tbsp baking cocoa (I always use Nestle Quick)

    Mix all the dry ingredients together.

    Mix in the chicken egg discarding the shell.

    Mix in the milk.

    Mix in the oil.

    Mix in the splash of vanilla extract.

    Once everything is mixed well put it in the microwave on high for roughly 2 - 3 minutes. Time will vary depending on microwave. Keep a VERY CLOSE eye on it! These things have a habit of popping up & over the cup if they think no one is watching. If it starts to do that just pause the microwave & it will sink right back down. You will know it is done when you can bury the toothpick in it & it comes out clean. This one took 2 minutes & 5 seconds to be done - I checked it at 1:40,  1:55 & 2:05.

    Here are the dry ingredients mixed together & ready for the chicken egg.

    Everything mixed up & ready to go.

    And here it is done. You can see where it tried to rise out of the cup but little did it know I was ready for it...

    You can also see that I tested it a few times & in different places (not all the holes are from the toothpick - just 4)

    You can top this with whipped cream, cool whip, icing, chocolate syrup or whatever you want. You can eat it just the way it is too - I've done that a lot  [​IMG]

    So there you have it - a quick easy cake in a cup that anyone can make in a matter of minutes  [​IMG]
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    Good morning B,

    Just wandering how you got all those ingredients into one little cup?  Should the measurements be tsp instead of Tbsp? you mix up a batch and put a little at a time into a cup?


  4. Howdy Bill - That's where the large tea cup comes into play. A normal sized one would indeed be too small. The measurements are correct & all went in at the same time.

    Here it is with a normal sized tea cup & a measuring cup that holds 1 1/2 cups for comparison.

    As soon as I finish eating it I will measure how much liquid it holds & post it up. This is a different cup than I used when I was going to school but I can't remember what size the old one was...
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    Thanks B
  6. No problem  [​IMG]    I've just about finished it off so I will get the cup washed & see what it holds.
  7. Thanks! They're mighty quick & really not bad at all...
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    Thank you Smoking B for a great easy cake.  My granddaughter and I just made this in five minuets.

    Cake makes smiles...

  9. You're quite welcome - glad you were able to enjoy it  [​IMG]
  10. Ok - managed to get the cup washed.

    Looks like it was a 2 cup tea cup...
  11. Hey Stan - what did you make yours in?
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    A  4 cup Pyrex measuring cup like the one you used to measure  the tea cup..  2 min in the micro with the coco powder.   Was perfect.  We will be making this a lot I believe.  Perfect size for us to split.

  13. Cool - I was just curious  [​IMG]
  14. I'm hoping Dave will try this one out  [​IMG]
  15. "Minute" cupcakes like these were a favorite for years.
    I've had to move to a sugar-free and low starch version, but they're still pretty good!

  16. Hey Martin - What are you using for a low starch version?
  17. Flax seed flour and cocoa.
    Alternative sweetener.
    An egg.
    A little vegetable oil.
    Vanilla extract.
    Baking powder.

    Made like the "minute muffins" in the following video, but in a cupcake version, with the cocoa and cream cheese frosting.

  18. Thanks!
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    I just promised my grandson that we will make these next time he is here. Better make a few trial runs.
  20. Give it a try - you'll find it quite easy  [​IMG]

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