Super Bowl baby backs!

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Backs rubbed down yesterday. Been soaking in that rub goodness!

One more quick dusting of the hillbillyrockstar rub and here we go! About 1/4 after 11.

Plan on smoking at 225 but with this michigan cold weather I usually have issues keeping the temp up in this smoker.
Lol plow boy! Elgin is a long way from michigan! And I thought pork was almost sac religious in Texas...
I have em all wrapped up now with a little liquid inside for moisture. Probably be another hour longer and I'll pull em and throw some final smoke and sauce on them. But I'll take pictures no doubt

Just pulled them off the smoker to give them a look. Pullback is looking good!

Temp dropped for about 20/30 minutes when I walked away to long. So I wrapped them back up and threw them back on for a bit longer. I'll pull them out in another half hour, sauce them and hit them with some more smoke for a bit and then done! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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