Suggestions for my next smoker?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by deserttoad, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. deserttoad

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    Howdy gang,

    So I have a WSM 22.5" that I love, usually get a good 10 hours out of it. The only problem I have is having to be around to check on things. For shorter smokes I use my weber grill with a pan of water, uses way less charcoal and still has great flavor.  

    Is there a smoker out there that will still give me that great smoke flavor, but is it bit more "automatic"?  I know a lot of people use the MES, and I've read about the Smokin It #3.

    Propane? Electric?

    Between kids, their school, their activities, and my work I can't just sit out on the patio like I used to - always somewhere else I have to be. I'd love to be able to prep a piece of meat in the evening, then sometime the next day throw it in a smoker and have things ready when I get home. I know this is like cheating.....
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    Hey Desertroad, apt name for Lovelock, Nevada!

    Every smoker is going to require some tending.  If you want to turn that WSM into a set and forget type smoker, get the gasket kit and a BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2. Will set you back about $300 total. I installed both on my well used WSM around Father's Day and basically have a smoky household oven in my backyard.  It will go hours and hours without any futzing at all.  It has cut my fuel usage in half too.
  3. deserttoad

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    I love that suggestion, hadn't looked into those. Looks there are several different models depending on smoker type. Is the BBQ Guru site the best place to order from?

    Good to know you've down on the fuel, seems like I use almost an entire bag of charcoal for each smoke. Are you using the minion method, just with less charcoal?

  4. I just ordered the Pitmaster IQ120, with much the same goals (but in the opposite direction).  I have an MES40 with the mailbox mod and an AMNP tray.  But the MES 40 did not produce much in the way of a smoke ring.  I know it is just a vanity thing, but some people don't consider it a "real smoke" unless they see the ring (Tastes much the same as wood/charcoal smokes).  I recently built a mini-wsm, and am building a second one with a slightly different design.  I like the mini-wsm, but keeping the vent clear of ashes was a pain.  I purchase a weber smokey joe gold the other day, and am building a new mini-wsm with it.  The IQ120 will be used to make the mini-wsm a hands-free smoke.  Normally, I realize the mini-wsm smokers are quite good at self managing their temperature, but the IQ120 will make it stay rock solid with no effort on my part.  I am eyeballing some 40 quart pots (taller than the standard IMUSA 32 quart model), which I want to use.  I will use the same "compact diffuser" design I used on the Cuisinart smoker which is outlined in a different post. 
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    I ordered mine from FireCraft.  Bought the complete kit and it comes with everything you need including the high temp tape to seal the holes where you mount the adapter.  Best "buy one and done" kit I've seen.  FireCraft is an advertiser and supporter of SMF.  The BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 Comes in several colors.  I got the red one so I don't leave it out unintentionally.

    Here's how I load my WSM these days.  Read down the page a bit.
  6. deserttoad

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    Thanks for the tutorial.  My Guru is installed and I can't wait to try it out - time for some of Jeff's smoked turkey breast and a batch of ABTs. Also want to try some beef sticks, the Guru should be perfect for managing the low temps.

    The kit from FireCraft was perfect, not to mention that catalog looks to be dangerous.....

  7. damon555

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    The Guru will really shine on longer smokes. The best part is starting something at night and not needing to even touch anything until it's done the next day.

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