Stupid question about lump & chimney use...

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 25, 2006
Columbus, Ohio

I said it was a stupid question, but here I go anyways.

When I use (gasp) briquets in my chimney, common wisdom says don't put 'em in until they ash over. Right? Also, they pretty much hold their shape while they burn in the chimney.

When I use lump & get it started, I fill the chimney to the brim, we get to my questions....

1) when do I put 'em in? After they've ashed over? When they're reduced to coals? While they're still burning?

2) Also, is there anything I can do to positively affect the volume of lump embers? I fill the thing up, but 20-25 minutes in the thing is like 2/3rds full after it's been burning a while. (Oh, and I've been using cowboy charcoal).

Help. Thanks.
I use Royal Oak (lump). I let mine flame up inside of the chimney. When the flame dies down, and I can see the top just begining to ash, I dump it. Works for me. When I use charcoal, it's Kingsford. I wait for complete "ash-over" in that case.
thats how i do it to, but just after trial and error. but since i learned about lump i prety much quit using briquets unless im low on lump.

at first i would let it all get the ash but ran into the same think you were. it was mostly gone by the time i thought it was ready. sometimes i will just fill it half full and put more in later as i need.
woody, JMack and Buzzard, gave you some good info on using lump and briquettes, so I won't add anything to their comments.

In this forum, THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS-except for the ones you DON'T ask. This forum is for learning and sharing, and we can't share what we know if we don't get asked.
The reason the chimney seems to empty while the lump is burning is the same reason houses settle when burning. I myself is useing lump, will fill the chimney, lite it, and wait 30 min. That seems to be 1 of the only things I do by the clock. start the fire wait 30 mins, dump on the grates. that formula is for lump kingsford, whatever I am going to use, including a mix of the two.

Not a dumb question. A dumb question will be "Do you want a cold one?
Here Here Gary,

you are right, that would be a dumb question. And I second Gary's formula, I use the chimney as well, and that really is one thing that goes by the clock.

I use one piece of paper let that burn real quick then throw one more piece of paper under there then just walk away, half hour later they're ready for the grates. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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