Storing some wood for smoking

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  1. Friend had a pecan tree blow down
    I saw a wood storage house made out of pallets. But I have this semi trailer for storage. So I out RR ties down then put pallets on them under the trailer for air flow. But the trailer can be the roof over the wood. We got 2 rows of 4 pallets for total of 8 pallets to put wood on.
    We then stacked the wood on it as we split it. My smoker likes it split small. I plan to set up areas for different types of wood. Not in the photo I have some apple wood. This pecan and need to go pick up some seasoned oak from another friend. Have some hickory i need to work up. My Q must be ok. The oak friend wants some Q for oak. The pecan friend is going to have me smoke farm raised beef and pork ribs for him. I have done 2 racks and they were very good. Did 3-2-1 from here. Numerous pork buts for P.P. like oak for heat. I am learning what mix of woods I like. Fun afternoon with the 3 kids. Have power splitter so not by hand
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    dont let that dang cat pee on it

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