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Jul 10, 2021
Any recommendations for good store bought sausages for smoking? I'm from Alabama, and I know that Conecuh sausage is popular here (and delicious). I've heard that Polk's cajun sausage from Sam's Club is good, but I've never tried it.

This is my first post. I'm enjoying reading everyone's threads and posts so far!

Thanks in advance!
Welcome to the site, I have used a lot of Conecuh sausage for jambalaya but fresh sausages have a low availability around here , Johnsonville has some decent from time to time, I am sure there are small shops around that make their own but I have limited time to search them out. work takes to big a chunk out of my day, post where you live and maybe somebody will have a good butcher shop close by.
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I’m in New York not sure if this is by you but, I smoke “Premio” Italian sausage. Comes out beautifully just did some sweet this weekend with hickory
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Any recommendations for good store bought sausages for smoking? I'm from Alabama
When we go to Fort Morgan for vacation I get some from Winn Dixie made in house . I was in there early one morning and saw the meat cutter stuffing sausage . Got talking with him . Hooked me up with 2 types of brats and hot pork sausage . Watched him make all of it .
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Im in likely nothing besides grocery brands will cross over, BUT - I found a local butch who makes great sausages and the prices are not too bad. I stopped buy meat there because they were 2-3X more than a Kroger sale or Costco.
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Thanks everyone! I will look for a local butcher. Sounds like that's my best bet. I'll also look for the Premio brand.
I prefer "Hillshire Farm's Beef Smoked Sausage". (Below)
I used to get Johnsonville, but got tired of rolling & squeezing a quart of Grease out of each one of them!!

I buy Johnsonville occasionally. It's good but not great and the quality is very consistent. Your local butcher shop would be your best bet.
And, welcome to the forum Daniel.
What I like to make is brat (or any sausage) burgers. I them easier to eat and load up with cheese, bacon, tomi, what ever.
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