Stainless steel fire box and water pan

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by boogerb1, Jul 10, 2016.

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    I have a homemade 5'×30" smoker with a 2'×2' firebox. It's about 25 years old and it's the only thing I've used. I'm planning on building a reverse flow smoker out of a 250 gallon propane tank. I'm planning on on building a one piece stainless steel firebox with a water pan that runs the entire length of the pit. The one piece fire box and water pan will bolt to the pit and help make this smoker into a reverse flow. I look forward to any help from those who have had any experience in building something similar with stainless and steel. My biggest concern is how to prevent galvanic corrosion between the two metals.
  2. There shouldn't be any problem with galvanic action between steel & SS.  Here is a link to my build with a SS tank & steel FB

    Yours is about the same size as mine.  Not sure what you mean by making the water pan & FB one piece.  A sketch might clear up any confusion.  If you decide to weld it on instead of bolting it, use 308 SS filler metal whether arc weld  or wire-feed.  If you are going to wire feed a lot of it, there is a big price break between a 10lb or 2 lb rolls of wire.  Either way it's kind of pricey.

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