SQWIBS Taking a Sabbatical

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Sep 25, 2007
I am pursuing other cooking interests.

I'll be dabbling in Sous Vide cooking.

I was intrigued by this method when I read an article about having a tender brisket that was cooked medium rare, after reading that article I was immediately hooked, So I have been studying Sous Vide for a bit and have the bug, I am working on building my own unit and will hopefully have some articles in a few months.

I have read the posts here on SMF as well pertaining to Sous Vide.

I am always willing to try new methods (new to me) and I am the type of person who has to try something and draw my own conclusions before I can preach about it, and I usually jump in feet first!

My first attempt will be a 48 hour Corned Beef cooked at 135° that is currently curing.

I will post my results in a few weeks.

I do have a few pit cooks lined up but not many.

I would love to hear from other folks, I know Martin picked up a unit a few years back.

I'll be back!!
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I'll still be posting and stuff but my "meat money" will be going towards the Sous Vide for a while.
I'll still be posting and stuff but my "meat money" will be going towards the Sous Vide for a while.
You ((anybody)) GOTTA do what you enjoy. Life is too short to not explore a new interest. Take it from somebody who's knocked on grims door a few times and i'm sure i'm not the only one on here to have done so. I'm guilty of the same thing (trying out something new), after many years i finally broke down and got into r/c trucking. have always been into hobby grad r/c's but never got into trucking. got one at a pretty fair price and its been a snowball. heres 2 quick shots. both loaders are toys to be converted to r/c, tank had for few years, truck is new. first load on 1 of 2 pup trailers. illegal as dickens, over height, weight, think it was ok, no paperwork at all on load, much less on a load of Brandy. only in TN.

sorry for the quick threadjack, i'll shut my piehole now.. looking foward to your creations with the  Sous Vide.

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