Spoiled rotten child...

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Gonna Smoke

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina
...that is my dog Lucy. It's been colder than normal here the last few days so fired up the gas logs. Lucy on her perch...


Worthless child...
If there is such a thing as reincarnation I hope I come back as a dog with some of y’all as my hooman! She is living her best life.

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Smart pup Charles, White Dope one of our earlier dogs would lie down as close as he could get to our bonfires in the winter. I thought he was crazy, but every time I shooed him away. He would go right back to the fire. I eventually gave up.

Lucy is a very pretty girl. She reminds me of a Cocker/Black Lab mix I once had.
Lucy's father is a pure bred Boykin and her mother is a pure bred Springer. She was the result of an accidental pairing at a breeder who breeds the two spaniels separately. High energy and as loveable/friendly as any dog I've ever been around...
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