Spatchcocked chicken - first time on MES30 w/q-view

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  1.   It's a big plate and a BIG corn cob. The chicken was nice-sized!

    Typical for me now, I searched the site for all the spatchcocked yardbird info, then devised a plan that is a combo of everything I read. Decided to smoke two of them.

    I brushed mustard on  and sprinkled with Jeff's rub.

    Started the smoker up and set on 260 to start with, let it get up to temp. (245 on the MES30 is more like 260 on the ET-732)

    Used apple pellets in AMNPS started with a torch. No water in the pan.

    Singed the surface good with the pencil torch and put in the ET- 732 probe in the thick of the breast

    Pulled the chip loader out about a 1 1/2". Vent wide open on top. Put one bird on the bottom rack, the other on the rack right above.

    Smoke slowed down, so I opened the door a couple times and repositioned the AMNPS closer to the heating element. It was OK then. First time with these pellets, they didn't burn as easily as my hickory.

    IT was @ 145 after 1 1/2 hours, Raised the temp setting to 275 on the MES30. Switched racks so the drippings would hit the one that had been on top.

    IT hit 165 right at 2 1/2 hours total. Smoker temp actual reached 270. Put the birds on a pan and let them rest for 20 minutes in an oven that was just at keep warm temp.

    The skin wasn't crispy, but just right for biting through, not rubbery.

    The taste was fantastic!  The guests raved to the point of embarrassment, almost! This was the easiest smoke I've done. The meat was uniformly cooked. The only things I'd change would be to start with the smoker set on 270, get a little more cherry going on the pellets to start with.

    My thanks to this site and all the contributors who have made this so enjoyable for me! What does a guy do to graduate from 'Newbie'?
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    Very nice, looks great ! Thumbs Up BTW, I think after 35 posts ya go to fire starter if memory serves... It's all based on how many posts ya have !

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