Source of wood chips

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Jun 20, 2007
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The only thing available in my area so I have been looking online, I checked the for their 2lb bags, most $3.99 and apple $4.99. i was going to order 3 bags till I got to checkout and the freight($14.00) was more then my order. Would have cost me $28 for three bags
so I kept lookin.

I found Bass Pro Shops, their bags are $2.99(2lb) and their shipping is cheap.
I got 4 bags +shipping($3.95) for $15.91 total

I will let you know about the quality
Only have a Wally-World here and all they carry is Hickory and Mesquite,
nothing else. I got apple /cherry and maple from Bass Pro
Did you try your local Home and Garden place. You know, the place that has colored rock, bird baths, etc. I get mine there a lot cheaper then you guys. If they don't have any ask them to roder some for you.
I ordered some chunks from, it should be here this week. They include shipping, which is a big plus, although they only offer a handful of woods. Maple, oak, cherry coming my way. I will post after I get to test the goods.
I gotta get an order soon too. No more seasoned apple, apricot or cherry til fall unless I rush it along somehow. I need a good pecan store. We only get hickory and mesquite here too and I have plenty of hickory all around my house.
Got my wood from Bass Pro Shop thursday and used it Saturday, I used the apple, some of the chips were pretty small and I using an aluminum pan with foil as a smoke box, don't have a real one in my ECB. I learned not to set the pan directly on the coals, it will burn a hole in the bottom of the pan
Overall I'm pleased with the Quality of their chips
I don't know, I'm new to smoking, but is mesquite supposed to smell intense, pungent and... well... kind of 'rotten' smelling. It's sooooo much stronger and bitter smelling than the light, sweet, flower-like smelling hickory I purchased.
SIn -

I use Mesquite quite a bit it doesn't smell bad. It is stronger flavored than say pecan or apple but I like it, but then I've heard people say that hickory was strong and bitter. I think it's more the smokee than the smoke sometimes!
Being from TX. I use a lot of Mesquite I just don't use too much at a time. I found that it's REALLY good for grilling steaks. When I use it for smoking I mix in some hickory with it.
OK, thanks. I ask because I just got some hickory and mesquite from a supplier and I wasn't sure about the mesquite. It's dark brown in color and very 'intense' smelling that the rest of the family didn't care for, compared to the hickory.

I got them both at and wasn't 100% sure if mesquite was supposed to be that 'intense' compared to other woods.

How are those Brass Pro Shop bagged wood chunks? Any good? A HUGE BPS just opened up in Rancho Cucamonga, which is the town next to mine.
My family also does not seem to like the aroma or taste of mesquite. I use it sparringly and mixed with a lighter wood such as oak.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I agree Sin. Have had Texa BBQ in Houston and the mesquite flavor on the briskett was wonderful......but trying to use it on my home smoking requires a very small amount.
Yeah, it does. Thanks!

I have yet to fire up the smoker for the first time. Not all the parts are there, yet. I was going to smoke a chicken (butterflied) with all mesquite for my first adventure. I think now I'll use a 50-50 dose of mesquite and hickory. I don't want the first smoked food to be 'too intense' for the rest of the family.

when you have strong woods go light. I mix hickory and mequite alot but I only throw in one small chunk to 2 hickory chunks.

I think it's great with chicken and steaks!

Ahhhh, so 50-50 is still a bit too much mesquite. OK, I'll drop the ratio to 2-1. Perhaps 3-1 would be best, but I'm not too sure I'd like hickory smoked chicken. Whenever I USED TO eat chicken with store-bought BBQ sauce, I grabbed for the 'Mesquite' flavored kind. I'm not one for hickory flavored chicken, but pork is a different story.

Now, with my new smoker, I'm looking to avoid using all those flavored sauces for some homemade sauce and use actually wood smoking for the flavor. I take it these sauces compared to the real deal is kind of laughable to you guys?

I guess, there's a big, BIG difference between flavored sauces and THE REAL DEAL. It's a learning curve I need to get used to, and something you've already learned. I guess I'll learn as I go. Really, the best way, but it's nice to get some pointers!

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