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  1. My American landlord over here in Cebu, Philippines got tired of listening to me talk about building a smoker so he gave me the old water heater. It looks to be 50 gallons which is too big for me so I need to cut it. I plan on doing pulled pork and ribs once in a while. Anyways what I see the problems to be is cutting it and then fashioning a lid for it. It seems to be 15" old and outside looks galvanized but inside has a little surface rust so I think cast iron. Does this sound right ? Could I cut with an angle grinder ? If I cut the top off to use as the lid 1) kind of heavy 2) a whole 2nd cut needed 3) I guess I flange the lid from the inside and flange the top of the body from the outside ? 4) and put a handle on it.

    Or I can just say F it and find a $40-50 used electric smoker off Craigslist back in the US when I'm back there next month and ship it for about $30 estimated allocated.
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    if you post some pics maybe,the guys that are familiar with water tanks could tell ya more.My wife and I have a place in Pasay 

  3. Good idea. Again surface rust on inside, about 5' including 5" legs and weighs I'd say about 40lbs. probably less. Richie, NICE FLUKE !!! hitting the " Preague in about a month for them. Just hoping for low winds and great water clarity. Last year great weather but water clarity sucked. I will try spinnerbaits or rattles if same conditions. Another guy on here living near CDO! JUNKCOLLECTOR.

    Maybe try this sometime when you are around but better to wait until after elections if you know what I mean.
  4. Since this would be an electric smoker, would this need any venting ? My electric Royal Oak has a 5/8" vent at very top, back and center. This will be rather rudimentary so I'm not sure how good a seal I'll get at the lid. The lid will be a few pounds, say around 4 and instead of flangeing roughly I decided to kind of cut the top of the body like teeth about 1.25" down and about every 2". I will then with a pair of pliers bend each tooth inwards less than an 1/8" so hopefully the lid wil fit on snug. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't stay in that Holiday Inn the other night. So vent or not ? If so where and about what size ?

  5. So came back from US with a 120 volt ( I have 110 here ) 1550 watt element from an electric hibachi. Now my concern is if I center the element the electric connector will be exposed to the heat and even if I install minimally part of connector will be exposed. Any ideas for heat shield or at least for material. I saw the Brinkman uses a vulcanized rubber but I don't see that happening here although they patch tires everywhere around here with fire all the time so maybe ??? Also can see using another medium besides water like sand. Haven't seen any volcanic rock on this island. I am going to be dealing with around 90F usually and doing shoulders and ribs. I am thinking a double rack although I only got one right now and 28" high including lid. Since this is plug and play am I going to be cooking at the right temps ? Too hot ? Not powerful enough element ?

  6. ID 14.5" x 28" ???

    Element centered - heat shield ?

    Element snugly in but still some heat exposure ?


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