Someone vandalized my smoker!

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I really hope the prize isn't that sheep.. they don't really taste like chicken...
Now back to the smoker
Pigcicles, you get to pass Go,collect $200 dollars and proceed to boardwalk and purchase it ,if it is for sale

Mcoppin, sorry to hear about your experience...sorry I didn't say so earlier.

I remember some years ago our bikes were stolen out of our garage because the door was open(we were home)and it is a real ****ty feeling.
A friend of mine had his golf clubs stolen from his garage the same way. His neighbor saw it too! The guy waved at the neighbor as he put the clubs in the car and drove off......
When Puff was stolen, my mother made me promise not to shoot the B!+{H that stole him. After I found out how badly damaged he was ($1700 total), she was really glad she made me promise because I was beyond insane.
I am getting over it and hope it was just a random thing. I took the door off and worked on it an it looks like it may work. If it doesn't work, I will just replace the door. I am smoking a pork loin tomorrow, so I will see what happens.
I have respect for other people's possessions as I know how hard most people work to get what they have. I also know how much pride people take in the things they do. That is what I enjoy about this forum. People here take pride in what they do and work hard to get even better. Probably the most amazing is that people on this board share their knowledge and secrets to allow others to get better!
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